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I like Windows' built-in handling of ZIP files, and I like to associate compressed files with Windows Explorer whenever possible, rather than a third-party file archiver like 7-zip. Aside from ZIP and ISO, what other formats can Windows 8 open natively?

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Other than CAB and ZIP which have been supported for ages, none I can think of (ISO isn't a compressed archive format, although native mounting support for it and VHD is new to Win8).

BTW, I wouldn't be so quick to place my faith in the Compressed Folders feature. See here and here for more. 7-Zip is free or you can try commercial archivers such as WinRAR or WinZip – any of them is far better than what's included with Windows (actually, it's not even a contest). The only time I use the in-built feature is when I'm on a fresh OS install and absolutely desperate due to lack of access to one of the alternatives.

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Out of curiosity, why do you want to know that?

Here's something to help out, for each entry there's a column for the OS that supports it.

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Thanks for the answer. I want to know simply because I like being able to open ZIP files in Windows Explorer, and I want my system to open archives this way whenever possible. It's a matter of comfort. I did come across that Wikipedia table, but unfortunately, it doesn't distinguish between formats that Windows can open on its own and formats that require third-party applications. – jSepia Mar 31 '13 at 1:35
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@screener: People often answer because they lack the rep to comment. – Karan Apr 4 '13 at 11:34
@Karan Thank you for the heads up. That sounds like a UX problem for me... – user33758 Apr 12 '13 at 23:05

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