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With Microsoft Publisher I have a document that is 16" x 20". I would like to print this on 11" x 17" paper, scaled to fit.

However when I select print instead of the normal option One page per sheet I am only given the option Tiled. This option does not work because it just splits the document across 4 pages instead of scaling it down to fit.

This site suggests to save as PDF then scale the PDF, but this seems a very poor option.

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One thing I have heard is to use the 'scale to fit' option. However, I could not find that option on my Publisher '10. I encountered this issue when attempting to print on A3 Landscape. The image, although on an A3 page, scaled to the smaller A4 size.

The way I found to correct this was to go into PAGE DESIGN, select SIZE, and then select the appropriate size (A3 Landscape, for example). Once I did this I was able to correctly scale the image as desired.

This same process should work for non-Australian sizes (Letter, etc.) as well.

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