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I installed dBpoweramp long time ago but it's only now that I noticed it's using 16GB of space (or as the Win7 Add/Remove programs interface says so).

I checked the installation folder of dBpoweramp and it only says 26MB.

I find it hard to believe that it actually uses 16GB. Is this a bug or is dBpoweramp actually using this space?

enter image description here

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According to this MSDN blog, it can be guessed and missed pretty badly:

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That it does. IMB there are many other locations for "data" that a installation takes up in space. Some install folder usually holds the original install/uninstall , the Appdata location can hold small or large quantites of data (depending) and now days there are even subsystems and support items that could be added VIA a programs instalation, that the program uses. Plus backups and last goods, and system restore, the layers of repetition are about 3X the program. If I Trace an install I can discover most of what is going on easily. The before and after size of the DISK would be REALity – Psycogeek Mar 31 '13 at 17:39

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