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I have gotten an experimental raspberry pi kernel image with hfsplus support built and gentoo installed on the same filesystem. I read that accessing filename/rsrc can access the resource fork. I found that attempts to use touch to create an empty resouce fork gives back an access denied error even as root. How do you create a named fork such as rsrc under linux?

Also I ask, what format does the resource map in classic MacOS happen to use (it is okay to explain with either c data types (i.e. char[4]) or even resource types (i.e. CSTR))?

Once I have the answer to the second question I will build a linux based resource manipulation library in c++. I already know how to code a simple doom wad editor/parser in c++.

or I could also ask, how does one set extented attributes under linux?

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"how does one set extented attributes under linux?" => setfattr

But as for your original question, the hfsplus implementation in Linux doesn't seem to implement creating resource forks.

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