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I have installed Skydrive on my PC which uses Windows 7, and when I drag a folder across to my skydrive folder on my pc, i then have the green tick, but when I look on, all I see is a .lnk file with the same name as my folder, not the folder I have copied across or its contents. e.g. dragged across folder called 'steve' to skydrive folder on pc, it shows with a green tick next to it in the skydrive folder, but when I look on web Outlook (, all I see is 'steve.lnk' if I click that it says 'downloaded' !? When I look at the download file its 6k and just seems rubbish. Oddly, I have tried the same thing with a folder which has only a few files, and it works fine. Can anyone help?

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It seems like you copied a shortcut instead of the folder itself. – FSMaxB Apr 1 '13 at 11:21
you are right, thanks very much for putting me out of my misery :) – CardiffSteve Apr 1 '13 at 11:45

Thank you to @FSMaxB for answering this for me above. This could have proved to be a costly error further down the line, glad I queried this.

"It seems like you copied a shortcut instead of the folder itself. – FSMaxB "

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