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I am batch converting a lot of files and running vlc from the command line. When I do a new dos box pops up showing vlc's output converting the current file. It is very annoying because it pops up above all other windows and takes focus.

How do I hide VLC either completely or minimized.

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No need for Command User Interface (DOS) commands. The switch is within the app. Click on TOOLS MENU > PREFERENCES (or Ctrl+P). Under INTERFACE... Turn this off: "Systray pop-up when minimized" CHECKBOX. Systray will still notify you with a little balloon. But the video itself will no longer pop up.

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Either minimise or run VLC using the command line with the --qt-start-minimized option. (ex:vlc.exe sourceUrlStreamOrFile.mp3 :sout=#file{dst="D:\\targetFile.mp3"} :sout-keep --run-time=65 --stop-time=65--qt-start-minimizedvlc://quit)

Then while running, turn off "tools/preference/interface/Systray pop-up" option to prevent any popup from the system tray icon.

Then to run your batch, use cmd /c start /b yourbatch.bat

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Try putting >nul on the end of the vlc command.

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Adding --quiet and --dummy-quiet -I dummy suppresses the popup window.

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