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Suppose there are 5 split windows in VIM.

How to switch between window 1 and window 4 quickly?

My current solution is: Ctrl W 3j and Ctrl W 3k

Any other ideas?

EDIT: Let's say window 1 and window 4 are two frequently used windows of 5 . I want to switch from win1 to win4 and switch back, and vice versa. need a shortcut for switching back.

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You can swap between buffers quickly using the buffers identifier.

If you have five buffers open and are currently in buffer 1 you can quickly swap to buffer four by pressing c^w 4 w, if you want back to buffer 1 you can do c^w 1 w.

This is the fastest one I am aware off at this moment.

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I've used this elegant solution for a while until I realized having too many open windows sucked.

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