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I am not sure is it a bug or not. When you make a copy of a file (in the same directory). The created & modified time stamps take the current time. At this point, if you delete/rename the original file and then you rename the copied file to the name of the file you copy from, you will find that the created time stamp takes that of the original file not the time you really created it. That's odd. Anybody has any insight into this?

Added Apr 3, 2013***********************************

Thanks for your answer. I won't dig into the NTFS spec, just give some observations.

File properties with regards to the date and time stamps (NTFS in Win7 with disablelastaccess=true) 1. If you copy a file from D:\NTFS or D:\NTFS to D:\NTFS\SUB, it keeps the same modified date and time but it changes the created & accessed date and time to the current date and time. 2. Copy & replace: only modify time change to the 'modified time stamp of the file being copyed' not the current time nor the modified time stamp of the file being replaced, create & access won't change (take that of the file being replaced) 3. If you move a file from D:\NTFS or D:\NTFS to D:\NTFS\SUB, it keeps all modified, accessed and created time stamp. 4. Move & Replace: all time stamps change to that of the file being moved. 5.To determine real time of time creation, observe both access & creation time stamp and take the older one. However, 5. For most file in win7, when you modify it, only modifed time change, however winrar file will change its last accessed time as well. I believe this is a mechnism build into winrar itself

PS. above observation is much diff from a MS KB (link below) and for folders, it's a different story. I cant understand why it is designed to behave like this. It's really not intuative.


Folder is considered modified only when you create (including move file or folder into this folder) or delete (inclding move subfolder/files outside this folder or into another subfolder) or rename a file/subfolder directly inside it (ie. not including folders/files inside the subfolder) , not edit the folder property/children's property/children's content/rename folder itself. Folder is considered accessed whenever it's modified plus when you copy it to another place, in this case, modify, created and accessed time stamps all change (however if the folder being copyed is empty, modify time stamp does not change).

When you move a folder, neither of created, modified or accessed time stamp changes.

Case of moving a folder to replace a existing folder is more complicated, if the folder being moved is empty, no time stamp change to the folder being replaced. However, if the moving folder is not empty, modify and access time of the folder being replaced change but created time stamp of the folder being replaced won't change (note different with file operation).

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This isn't a bug its by design and part of the NTFS specification. –  Ramhound Apr 1 '13 at 15:49

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