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I'm having a very strange issue trying to use RealVNC 5.0.5 on my Windows 7 PC. I can't connect via VNC unless I have a standard Windows Remote Desktop connection open and have started the User mode VNC Server. Both client and server are Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

If I try to connect to the VNC service with the User mode version closed, it just times out. If I try to connect without the RDP session open, the client says "Windows session disconnected" and aborts. Also interesting is that if I minimize the Remote Desktop window then the VNC window goes black, regardless of what UpdateMethod value is set for the server. That latter issue may be because I haven't been able to install the Mirror Driver yet, but it shouldn't be affecting connectivity.

How can I get this to work? It might be related to this "remoting the sessions" "feature" but I don't understand it.

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