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I'd like to be able to move bluetooth pairing from one PC to another so the bluetooth device would automatically pair to the new PC. It appears that this is requires a few things:

  • Moving the credentials (stored where?) from the first PC to the second
  • Using Bluez's bdaddr to change the device address of the second PC to match the first PC

Has anyone done this before? The use would be a multi-device/multi-user kiosk where the logged in user would have their devices connected to without having to re-pair each time.

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Yes, you could do this as you describe by spoofing BDADDRs to match and copying the link keys. On BlueZ/Ubuntu, link keys are stored in /var/lib/bluetooth/<BD_ADDR>/linkkeys

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Is there anything else that would need to be done? Anything obvious that I'm missing here? – Chris Morgan Apr 1 '13 at 18:06

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