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I have created my own project start up template that I would like to use for most of my future projects building Windows 8 apps with Visual Studio Express 2012.

I have looked online but cannot find any such documentation as to how I would take my existing project as is, and add it to the template list that is available when creating a new project.

Is this possible and how is it done?

I have tried simply opening the project and saving as a new project but the option does not exist for saving as a new project (do not know if it is because I only have Express?)

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Saving as template:

  • Click export template in the file menu
  • Choose project template
  • Give it a name in the next page (templatecardgame or somthing)

Loading the template:

  • Open project in the file menu
  • Select the language in which you made the template
  • In the middle screen is your template select it and give it a name

That's all and maybe a little late answer.

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