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Is there any standard way of creating a custum input method for X11/linux in general?

I've poked around scim and iBus but I can't seem to find any example of it having been done before.

In reality I need to create a custom keyboard layout with much more Mod keys than presently exist in solutions like xkbmap.

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Creating an input method for X11 is really a software development task rather than a user task. Thus this question might be more appropriate on the site Stack Overflow. The following questions might be helpful:

The documentation points out that Xlib is a widely used API for the X11, but that for new development, a toolkit such as GTK+ or Qt is preferred.

Xlib has a documented way of Manipulating the Keyboard Encoding. If that isn't enough control, it also has a documented Input Methods interface.

The GTK API offers Key Values, "Functions for manipulating keyboard codes".

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