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I am trying to change the hostname of a Gentoo host using a sudoer account. I use the following procedure :

  1. sudo rm -f /etc/conf.d/hostname
  2. sudo touch /etc/conf.d/hostname
  3. sudo echo "hostname=foo" >> /etc/conf.d/hostname
  4. sudo /etc/init.d/net.lo restart

Only the step 3 fails. It raises a permission error. So I would like to know why I get this ? I tried to stop the networking service first, but no change.

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It fails because the >> is interpreted by the normal user's shell; only the echo is run as root.

A simple way around this is to run the command in an interactive root shell:

$ sudo su -
# echo "hostname=foo" > /etc/conf.d/hostname
# /etc/init.d/net.lo restart
# exit

Note that you don't need the touch command, and if you just use > you can also do without the rm, as > will overwrite the file's contents.

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