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I am using the below command to copy all modified file day wise

D:\ws\xcopy *.* /s /D:04-02-2013 D:\new

but now i want to copy files which are modified at particular time, any have any idea how to do it? Thanks in advance.

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Is Powershell acceptable? That is really the modern scripting engine for Windows Vista and up... – AthomSfere Apr 2 '13 at 11:11
In the future please do not post across multiple sites – slhck Apr 2 '13 at 12:10

FORFILES and ROBOCOPY allow a selection of files depending on the date with day accuracy. You have to specify the interval with a min and a max parameter.

This related blog entry might be helpful. It explains how to use FORFILES for copying files of the same day.

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To my knowing there's no way of doing that only using xcopy. It takes only date, not time, as an argument.

Xcopy is a windows program, so you might want to ask this question at for example instead to get help with an alternative solution.

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