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The webpage is very large (a few MB). I tried these extensions and they all fail:

  • Screen Capture (by Google) - I get a new tab with no image in it
  • Pixlr Grabber - I get a "500" request error after pressing save
  • Capture Webpage Screenshot - Fireshot - telling me that the webpage is too big and it will be saved to RAM, after which I get an error: Insufficient video memory: You need at least -2365 MB of RAM (that's ridiculous, and I have I like 1 GB)
  • Webpage & WebCam Screenshot - I get no image
  • Awesome Screenshot - Capture & Annotate - It says capturing..., and when finishes it open a new tab with some buttons. When I press "done" it says preparing your image... forever.

Do you know any website screen capture tools that actually work?

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Could you give us the URL of the website you want to save? If it is a really huge page, it is possible that the capture process requires GBs of RAM. As you have only 1 GB it is possible that it would take a long time for the capturing to finish as instead of using RAM, swap space on the hard disk is used, which is very slow. Did you try to let Awesome Screenshot - Capture & Annotate run over night to see if it finally works or if it crashes? – Simon Apr 2 '13 at 13:44
it's a local page, Chrome metrics box shows a 1600 x 140000 page size. But the content has a lot of simple graphics and whitespace (~95% is just white or grey background). If compressed, the image shouldn't take more than a few MB – MaryJane Apr 2 '13 at 13:48
You state correctly IF compressed it should not take much space. But first the image will be in an uncompressed state which will take up GBs of space. – Simon Apr 2 '13 at 13:53
You sure its 1600 x 140000 because thats a GIGANTIC image. Furthermore 2365 is more then 2GB so if you only have 1Gb that explains the error. – Ramhound Apr 2 '13 at 14:37
I just created a 1600x140000 image in photoshop instantly. It says image size: 649mb, and that's probably uncompressed. But for some reason it won't save in png or jpg format :| – MaryJane Apr 2 '13 at 14:59

I ended up using PhantomJS in windows, I used...


var page = require('webpage').create();'', function () {

Dump this in your phantomjs folder, then one more file, screenshot.cmd

phantomjs --ignore-ssl-errors=yes --cookies-file=cookies.txt --web-security=no screenshot.js

With both of these files in your phantomjs folder, run screenshot.cmd... I just generated a 40mb png file of a gigantic page, it took a while and churned away but it finally output it!

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If you are using chrome I would use CutyCapt it captures webkit's render to an image.

CutyCapt is a small cross-platform command-line utility to capture WebKit's rendering of a web page into a variety of vector and bitmap formats, including SVG, PDF, PS, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP. See IECapt for a similar tool based on Internet Explorer.

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Capture large webpage screenshot in Chrome? The webpage is very large (a few MB). I tried Screen Capture (by Google) - I get a new tab with no image in it

That’s because of quirks with the canvas element it uses. Ignore it and save the file, then open the file; it should be fine.

A while ago I got the empty-tab issue as well (seems to be somewhat common when using the Caputre Whole Page function), and on a lark, I clicked the [Save] button anyway. When I opened the resulting file (out of curiosity, thinking it would be either blank or 0x0), I was surprised to see the image was not only there, but correct! Nice.

Of course this means that you won’t be able to use the extension’s (limited) image-editing tools before saving, but so what? you can use MSPaint or whatever just as easily (I for one always save it without modification, then modify a copy).

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