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I'm looking for a way to manage my academic workflow for reading e-books in .epub or .mobi formats on OSX.

My requirements: - continuous scrolling mode - ability to highlight text (e.g. in yellow, using a single keyboard shortcut) - ideally, the ability to make annotations as well

Amazon Kindle reader for OSX offers annotating, but not continuous scrolling mode. Calibre offers continuous scrolling mode, but does not allow highlighting or annotating.

Is there a solution that will allow me to do this?

I'm also open to workarounds, e.g. using Calibre to convert to HTML, then reading the book in a browser---but I would still need the ability to highlight using a single keystroke.

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I did a brief search, and Adobe Digital Editions should have the features you need. Unfortunately I can't verify right now 'cause I'm on Linux and it is only available for Win and Mac, but you can try it from yourself and see if it suits your needs.

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I figured out the solution. Use Calibre to convert to HTML, use Prince XML to convert to PDF, then use Skim to read in continuous scrolling mode, highlight, and annotate.

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