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I often get emails with many URLS in them. They all arrive as HTML formatted, showing only the clickable link without the url. Since oftentimes links expire, this doesn't work well for me, eg if I really read the message much later. So instead I like to be able to format the message as rtf or plaintext or some such which will display all links' urls spelled out.

For example;

Before; url path is invisible

Here is a wonderful [link] for you to click.

After; url path is visible

Here is a wonderful [link] for you to click.


Here is a wonderful link for you to click.

In previous versions of Outlook I was able to do this by opening the email, selecting all, then doing -> Edit -> -Edit Message ->Format -> Plain Text. It would put the url into plaintext.

Now in Outlook 2010 this does not work for me. Plaintext merely does a copy of what was on the screen, ie the link advertisements without the actual urls.

Our IT admin locks down many settings, so possibly that's the issue, but since I couldn't find anything on the web maybe your wonderful answers will help others too! Thank you!

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This answer doesn't directly answer my question but at least tells how to see the html;… – AnneTheAgile Apr 4 '13 at 16:34

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