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I have a 1TB NTFS USB Data Drive (no boot, etc...) that I would like to keep a mirror of as a backup in case of hardware failure.

It is always connected to my raspberry pi running the raspbian (debian) based raspmc.

After reviewing this question... How to set up disk mirroring in ubuntu?

This seems like a good solution to mirror the drive.

  • Will this work as expected for USB drives?
  • Am I looking at any performance loss by mirroring the drive?
  • Anything I'm not considering that I should be?
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Unless your USB is USB 3.0 your biggest problem is the USB 2.0 performance loss. Using hard drives 30mb/s is the best I have ever seen is USB 2.0. You will preferred death to copying a 50gb file over USB 2.0. If all your files are relatively small it won't be that bad. It will take 1 second to transfer 30mb, and will scale upward from there.

There is a software RAID 1 module built-in to the kernel. As you plan to do mirroring and not RAID 2,3,4,5,6, or higher the software RAID 1 should not use much CPU, but will use some.

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