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I tried Crypto but they said a different exchange would be more suitable. I'm interested in how bitcoin addresses are created so I read through the technical details here -

I'm wondering how they can go from step 0 through to step 1. That is, how can you create the public key given only the private key?

Ideally I'd love to do it in python if possible.

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In ECDSA, the public key can be computed directly from the private key and algorithm parameters, see:

If you want Python code, look at the Charm toolkit here:

x here is the private key, y is the public key, and g ** x corresponds to dA * G on the Wikipedia page.

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I've learnt I'm not getting into a career with cryptography. Thanks for your help, I'm looking through now trying to figure it out. A little lost with how I use charm to generate it but I'll keep trying – Peleus Apr 3 '13 at 0:11

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