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I'm intending to buy a new iMAC for iOS programming and graphics processing. But I also work on ASP.NET and PHP. I've thought about installing a VM that runs Windows 7 but it would be painfully slow. My friends said that I can install Windows on OSX with BootCamp. I would like to ask if the Windows installed with BootCamp has full functionalities as a normal Windows on a PC.

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This is can easily be done by using Bootcamp assistant, check manuals here But its probably you can install windows without reading manual. The assistant steps are very clear. And yes, windows will work with full functionality as if it was installed on PC

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Yes, it does have full functionality.
After all, a Mac is a computer, too. There are no problems, because Apple provides all the necessary Windows-drivers for the hardware, so that Windows will function properly. You can operate it just like a "normal" PC with Windows. See here for the official support for BootCamp on Apple-Computers.

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