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As time goes, I find myself using more and more web applications, and it's great, except for one thing: it would be more convenient to move each app into a separate window with minimal chrome (no toolbars, menubars etc.) and the app's own favicon instead of the Firefox one. Are there currently any add-ons that would allow for this or similar behavior?

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it is a duplicate:click here. – user190655 Jan 17 '13 at 10:00
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I fear this is a duplicate, but I haven't found it yet.

Anyway to answer your question: use Prism

Prism is a simple XULRunner based browser that hosts web applications without the normal web browser user interface. Prism is based on a concept called Site Specific Browsers (SSB). An SSB is an application with an embedded browser designed to work exclusively with a single web application. It doesn’t have the menus, toolbars and accoutrements of a normal web browser. Some people have called it a "distraction free browser" because none of the typical browser chrome is used. An SSB also has a tighter integration with the OS and desktop than a typical web application running through a web browser.

alt text


- Access web apps from system taskbar or dock

Prism apps run directly on your desktop and can be accessed just like any other application

- Rock solid web app stability

Prism apps run separately from the browser, so they stay up even if your browser doesn't

- System tray icon and dock badges

On Windows, the system tray icon can be changed to give information about application

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This seems like it could be unexpectedly good, thanks. – Reinis I. Oct 20 '09 at 10:12

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