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I need to move the contents of a folder say C:\MyContent to another folder say C:\April-13-03_163000. The destination folder should be created at the time of move based on the timestamp. The format of the folder should be MONTH-YY-DD_HHMMSS.

I have created a batch script for with the help of this

for /f "tokens=2-4 delims=/ " %%a in ('date /t') do (set mydate=%%b-%%c-%%a)
for /f "tokens=1-2 delims=/:" %%a in ('time /t') do (set mytime=%%a)
mkdir C:\%mydate%_%mytime%
move C:\MyContent\*.* C:\%mydate%_%mytime%\ /y

But the above script is creating the folder as 04-2013-03_1630. How to get the desired naming format?

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Simpler way would be adding the following:

if %bb%==01 set bb=January
if %bb%==02 set bb=February

and so on before the set mydate=%%b-%%c-%%a command. There are probably more neat solutions, but this should be good.

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