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I just installed git using cygwin. I then tried using git help status but I received the error fatal: '/usr/share/doc/git-doc': not a documentation directory. And indeed, there is no folder git-doc in /usr/share.

So I manually added the html folder in the right folder, and it now seems to work. However, the default web browser that is used to display the page is a console one (w3m.exe). I tried setting the value git config --global web.browser firefox, and even git config --global browser.firefox.path "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe", but it doesn't work. What should I do to run the html with firefox (except using the file manager) ?


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I suggest the following:

git config --global web.browser cygstart
git config --global browser.cygstart.cmd cygstart

This will make git use the Windows default browser (which hopefully in your case is Firefox) and handle all necessary path conversions. The cygstart command is part of the cygutils package.

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