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I have a webpage in a Ubuntu Server, and I use ssh to connect to it. Now I'm looking for a solution to transfer files (indeed, to transfer the backups generated there automatically) to my Windows computer.

I have read about DeltaCopy, or rsync, but I don't know how to use it exactly. I need something to work with Windows and Ubuntu Server at same time, because I want to "download" backups generated at Ubuntu Server to my Windows hard disk drive.

We are talking about at least 150GB, and would be nice to create a connection so I can perform this operation as many times as I need. Do you have any solution? Also appreciate an explanation of how to use it :)

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FileZilla, WinSCP or pscp (comes with PuTTY) are all fine options, since SSH servers usually have the sftp subsystem preconfigured.

Other file managers come with sftp/scp connectivity as well, such as SpeedCommander.

Given the amount of data you want to copy, rsync is probably the best option, however. It uses rolling hashes and can therefore resume a previously interrupted transfer easily and efficiently (not transferring anything more than needed). Raw scp isn't so efficient.

rsync, when told so, will transparently set up an SSH tunnel and that tunnel will be used to transfer the data. This is as easy as saying --rsh=ssh on the rsync command line. However, assuming you are on Windows, there won't be any ssh binary around under normal circumstances. So that would fail. You can therefore use plink.exe from the PuTTY package (see link above) to help you out. Say: -e "C:\putty\plink.exe -l ssh-username" (where you replace ssh-username and C:\putty\plink.exe with values matching your scenario).

Your best option to get rsync on the Windows side is to use MinGW. Also remember that the Ubuntu server needs rsync installed as it will start a "server" instance of rsync on the other end of the SSH tunnel.

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If it is a one time activity, you can probably use filezilla.

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the easiest is to setup samba server on ubuntu.

#apt-get install samba

edit_with_editor (mcedit, vi, nano) /etc/samba.conf
add your shear
add smbuser and you ready to go, then you can access your shear from windows computer like it was another windows computer (mount net storage)

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