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I have Dlink DWL - 2000AP+.

What I want to do is, to reproduce WiFi signal (from TP-LINK modem) by repeating with the help of a D-Link Wireless Access Point.

Here is how web interface looks. There is an option for repeating:

enter image description here

after clicking Site Survey I see all list of available networks. When I select one of them, the D-link saves changes then reboots. After that, Windows shows me something like that on available WiFi networks list:

<Repeated network name> 2

The problem is, when I connect to this network, Windows connects directly into root source, not to my WAP (I see this with inSSIDer utility).

I can't figure out what the problem is, or how I can realise my idea. What am I missing? Anyone familiar with this type of connection?

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Per the manual for your device (page 17), this is also refered to as 'Multi-point bridging' and is used to connect multiple wifi network together. it also says that the other networks must be using DWL-2000AP+s, so it cant repeat just any wifi network.

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