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On my Windows 7 PC, notepad opens at the same position and its window has same size each time. In Application appears off screen thread Kaze gives the way to reset it by deleting some registry entries:

Delete fSaveWindowPositions and/or iWindowPos* on the Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Notepad

However is there a more nifty way to reset (or change) the default size and position of the notepad? Or am I going to clean registry each time I want to change the defaults?

Definitely it isn't difficult to programm this, but I thought Windows should have some built-in way to do the job.

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Actually I have just found the answer in Make Windows 7 remember window positions and size!:

I got success in getting Windows 7 to remember size and position by right clicking on the top title bar, selecting 'Size' from the menu, and so long as that arrow icon is being used resizing the window using that. Closing the window afterwards then reopening got me my remembered size and positions in IE8, Wordpad, and Notepad.

Indeed it's not very obvious..., at least for me.

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