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Has anybody been able to get the Vaio Smart Network tool working on Windows 7? I'm using 2.2 but the UI is completely messed up and it doesnt work.

I need to enable the wireless devices in my laptop

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The problem is that the sony vaio network manager is poorly written. The problem in my case is caused because of the fact that it does not detect the firmware parser device and therefore does not build a proper UI

The solution is here http://blogs.technet.com/teammb/archive/2009/09/23/my-mobile-broadband-card-with-my-sony-vaio-vhn-p19wn-does-not-get-detected-on-windows-7.aspx

Follow this exactly!!! Especially the driver for the "unknown device" is very important.

If you cannot find the files specified in that blog entry (if they have been removed in the future... contact me I have backup)

Once this is done the network utility will work fine... but you might have to toggle the hardware wireless on/off button sometimes to get the HSDPA module to be enabled... it really does work now...just not properly.

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next you get the hsdpa modem drivers here option.com you will need your EMEI number –  TimothyP Mar 7 '10 at 15:33

Further to TimothyP's answer, which worked excellently, I have posted up a more verbose explanation based on his to make it easier for those who might get lost along the way. It is at


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Consider improving this answer by writing the explanation here too. Link only doesn't bring information, especially if the targeted site falls. –  Gnoupi Apr 7 '10 at 12:26

I didn't have any luck with the links above. Instead I downloaded the SmartWi Connection Utility (Sprint) software from the US support site on my UK Vaio VGN-TZ21WN. I downloaded here and just chose the model VGN-TZ398U/XC. Once that was installed I could turn on the WWAN and use the GlobeTrotter software to connect using a vodafone SIM

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