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Can I run a program on start-up before anyone has logged in? So that, for example, q-torrent and some other programs start again after unexpected shutdown (like power failure or similar) and automatically do their tasks. And also would the following program be seen in task manager like is running by system or user.

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You can launch your app as service . Services are app which the windows start from the startup even before log in screen comes .

You can follow this tutorial to do so

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@Davidenko Are you wanting to run a torrent program, or is that the first example you thought of? If you are wanting to run a torrent program there are clients that will run as a service natively instead of hacking it to do something it was not meant to do and works exactly like you want to (runs before login but you still get a UI once you log in) – Scott Chamberlain Apr 4 '13 at 22:59

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