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I'm working on a customer .screenrc for Screen and I can't seem to find a way for it to support variables. Here's what I'm trying to accomplish:

I want to press ^l, then specify a name, and that will be the logfile name. My idea for how the .screenrc file should look was this:

    bindkey "^l" logfile $1

Any ideas on how to properly accomplish this? Thanks!

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You can use environment variables.

From man screen:

Commands may contain references to environment variables. The syntax is the shell-like "$VAR " or "${VAR}".

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Try below setting.

bindkey "^l" colon 'logfile '

You press C-a C-l, then screen input prompt is:

:logfile |
         ^-cursor position

And you continue to input logfile name.

e.g. If you would like to start logging with filename 'hoge.log' then, type this.

C-a C-l hoge.log<ENTER>

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