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I want a .bat file which opens a command prompt and then set my default directory also set the enviromenet variable JAVA_HOME

For now I am manually openning command prompt and then setting my project directry path and then setting the environment variable.

I am using commands as :

open cmd.exe
cd d:\Code
set JAVA_HOME=C:\Jdk.1.6

I want that when I execute the batch file that execute the commant before openning. How to do that ?

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there is no open command in cmd. – Endoro Apr 5 '13 at 18:26
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Assuming you want specifically a batch file to be clickable directly on Windows desktop, a simple, yet not elegant way, would be to use the following code in batch file:

@cd d:\Code
@set JAVA_HOME=C:\Jdk.1.6"
@cmd.exe /K

It will set the path and the variable, and in that context launch a nested command session with /K parameter - which will force it to wait for user input (instead of disappearing).

A more elegant solution would be to create a new shortcut on the desktop and configure it as follows:

  • Command: cmd /K set JAVA_HOME=C:\Jdk.1.6
  • Start in: d:\Code
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Try this batch script:

@echo off
set "JAVA_HOME=C:\Jdk.1.6"
cd /d "d:\Code"
cmd /k
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+1 as it helped in understanding /d for directory which is what i was searching for. Thanks – Anmol Saraf Oct 26 '13 at 21:56

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