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I often use top under bash. I would like to highlight (in color, bold or other form) my user name, so that I can more easily find it in top. (Sometimes it's difficult with many users running lots of processes...)

Is this possible and if yes, how?

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Do you know htop... it has some nice features (my favorite is F5 = process tree) and it does highlight the current user by default. – mpy Apr 5 '13 at 13:18

Run top and press h for help

The requested functionality is described on lines 4, 12 and 13. Info on line 20 is also very useful.

 1  Help for Interactive Commands - procps-ng version 3.3.4
 2  Window 1:fie: Cumulative mode Off.  System: Delay 2.0 secs; Secure mode Off.
 4    Z,B       Global: 'Z' change color mappings; 'B' disable/enable bold
 5    l,t,m     Toggle Summaries: 'l' load avg; 't' task/cpu stats; 'm' mem info
 6    1,I       Toggle SMP view: '1' single/separate states; 'I' Irix/Solaris mode
 7    f,F,X     Fields: 'f'/'F' add/remove/order/sort; 'X' increase fixed-width
 9    L,&,<,> . Locate: 'L'/'&' find/again; Move sort column: '<'/'>' left/right
10    R,H,V,J . Toggle: 'R' Sort; 'H' Threads; 'V' Forest view; 'J' Num justify
11    c,i,S,j . Toggle: 'c' Cmd name/line; 'i' Idle; 'S' Time; 'j' Str justify
12    x,y     . Toggle highlights: 'x' sort field; 'y' running tasks
13    z,b     . Toggle: 'z' color/mono; 'b' bold/reverse (only if 'x' or 'y')
14    u,U     . Show: 'u' effective user; 'U' real, saved, file or effective user
15    n or #  . Set maximum tasks displayed
16    C,...   . Toggle scroll coordinates msg for: up,down,left,right,home,end
18    k,r       Manipulate tasks: 'k' kill; 'r' renice
19    d or s    Set update interval
20    W         Write configuration file
21    q         Quit
22            ( commands shown with '.' require a visible task display window )
23  Press 'h' or '?' for help with Windows,
24  any other key to continue

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why you not use just :

top -u username

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Because it does not highlight anything with the default settings. – Ярослав Рахматуллин Apr 5 '13 at 23:54
Because, then obviously I don't see the other users anymore. If I use -u username why would I want to highlight in the first place. – gojira Apr 8 '13 at 7:23

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