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I've been using Opera for years and have my preferences set exactly as I want them. How can I upgrade Opera 32-bit to Opera 64-bit and keep all my profile settings?

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By default, Opera 64-bit installs into "C:\Program Files\Opera x64", which will NOT transfer your settings. To get Opera to automatically use a profile from the 32-bit version, you need to click "Options" in the installer and change the install path to "C:\Program Files\Opera".


  • You can leave both versions installed, but with this setup you can't use them simultaneously. Whichever version (32- or 64-bit) you open first will be the one running until you close it, and trying to open the other version simply opens a tab in the version that's already running.
  • The profile is share between the versions, so anything you do in one will be maintained when you close it and open the other.

Thanks to everyone in this Opera forum post for figuring this out.

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You could also just transfer the exiting profile to the new installation location. – Ramhound Apr 5 '13 at 19:25
@Ramhound - That's definitely true. This way allows you to use them interchangeably and keep the same settings in both browsers going forward if you think you might still want/need the 32-bit version. – kevinmicke Apr 5 '13 at 20:56
Go to opera:about and you'll find each browsers preference files. You can then copy them to the x64 profile location. – Justin Goldberg Apr 18 at 15:02

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