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First of all i apologize for my bad english :D I have a TP-Link 8951nd ADSL Router witch connected to Xbox 360 Console and PC with ethernet port. i want to set priority to the ports so if xbox is using internet, pc connection speed will reduce. with a little googling i found out that i should use QoS settings to do this but my router's settings are kinda confusing. I would realy appreciate if anyone explains this settings for me. Here is the Picture :

Thank you;

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thanks but i know it's in the QoS tab (Look at pic) but i don't understand the settings (like Mask or Protocol ID or ...) – Saeed Apr 5 '13 at 19:52
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QoS is a method of providing better service for selected network traffic types. You need to know the IP address (or MAC address) of the Xbox.

If you do not know what Mask or Protocol IDs are, then this short text box will not be able to help you with all that.

What you would be doing is adding the MAC Address (as the Source) and telling it that its' traffic is HIGHER than other traffic.

Some of these options are enabled after others are selected, so I really can't walk you thought what you should type here as I do not have that same type of router. The best you can do is search for some QoS examples from your router and play with the settings. If learning was easy, it would be fun.

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