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I'm trying to get Outlook 2003 to do the following:

Group the emails in my Inbox by FLAG and then sort by DATE.

This SHOULD be accomplished by the following settings:

enter image description here

It seems to work, as I get groups and WITHING the "unflaggeed" part, I see the items properly sorted:

enter image description here

But having a look in detail, the SORTING within the flagged items is broken/odd to say the least:

enter image description here

Any idea of what might be the issue here? I've tried using "custom" configuration in the view, and the settings that I have seem to be what SHOULD work:

enter image description here

But the odd behaviour persists. And this is impacting my way of working.

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In the "Customize View" window, "Group By" should be "Flag Status" (as you have it shown). However, try changing "Sort" to "'Flag Status' then 'Received'", as shown below:

Outlook Grouping and Sorting

This makes it show up the way I think you're expecting it to (see below):

Mail sorted properly

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