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Specifically, if I have a machine spec'd for 1.5V and I install 1.3V RAM modules, what side effects can occur?

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Your machine could explode.

No, the worst that could happen is that you fry the memory stick that is not rated for the higher voltage. However, it may also work. Overclockers take advantage of additional headroom in computer components all of the time including over-volting memory.

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I would not mis-match voltages. When the System turns on it should detect the voltages and adjust correctly. Not all RAM and motherboards handle this equally well.

But if they are mismatched on the on the same channel especially you might not have RAM detected properly, or it might be unstable or not boot. I would expect at least an unstable environment. Mismatching just about anything else is A-OK, but voltages should always match.

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Then, the 1,3V RAM modules won't work. If they have voltage protection, they won't be damaged (and probably, they won't damage the pc).

When you switch on the pc the next time, before loading your OS, a message will appear explainig the problem. If it's not critical (if you still can use the pc because the new ram will be ignored), it will be written "press F12 to continue", and your OS will load.

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