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There are two devices notebook and android phone that both come with bluetooth, is it possible to connect them together with one bluetooth headset at a time? That means I can listen both sides of sound that from the notebook and the smartphone, no need to switch connection between them..

I heard something about multipoint of bluetooth but not clearly, anyone can help with this question? thanks!

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This is one of the devices using Multipoint bluetooth that you are talking about:

But the catch is - You cannot listen from 2 sources at the same time, you can switch from one source to another.

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Is that means i have to buy an headset support multipoint and one of brands is Jawbone? If it's not exclusive, can i have more choices of the brands? By visiting the website, it's stated that "Jawbone ICON" is the switcher for switching connection of devices, right? if not possible listen from 2 sources at once, i know it is complement of switching connection, also more efficient than an old way that disconnect current connection then connect to the other one – Devs Larry Apr 6 '13 at 3:57

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