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We tested our script and it fails on negative floating points comparison in bash. What are we doing wrong ?

FLP=$(bc <<< "scale=5; ($F2 - $F1)/$F2 * 100")
if [ $FLP -eq "1" ]; then
    echo " greater"
    echo "smaller"

It keeps printing "greater" with -99.99900

Thanks all for help

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FLP=$(bc <<< "scale=5; (${F2} - ${F1})/${F2} * 100")

if (( $(echo "${FLP} 1" | awk '{print ($1 > $2)}') )); then
  echo "greater"
  echo "smaller"

Adopted from:

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Bash help for -eq states that it compares INTEGER types. There is no floating point support in [.

What I'd recommend is that you're already using bc to do the calculation -- why don't you use bc also to do the comparison? As in, instead of if A < B, you could test for if B-A > 0, where the subtraction is done by bc, and the signal check be easily done in bash.

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