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We need to compare the contents in each of 2 .zip files we have. Each .zip file has of different file extensions. Each .zip file also contains another .zip file and a couple of subdirectories.

We dont have the luxury to use zipcomp utility. How do we compare all the files in the 2 zip files and display the identical files to matching.txt output file and non-identical files to non-matching.txt output file ?

The whole idea is to find out which files in 1 zip file, produced by a build, has changed/modified in another later build run.

Advance thanks all.

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Command unzip -lv prints contents of the, including CRC32 of every file in the archive (get unzip for Windows at or Sourceforge).

Having this, you can simply use

unzip -lv > list1.txt
unzip -lv > list2.txt

and compare contents of list1.txt vs list2.txt using utility like diff or diffuse. If you want more automated approach, you can write simple Perl or Python script to compare these listing files (hint - use Perl hash or Python dictionary on every file CRC32 that was printed by unzip -lv.

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Hi mvp thanks for responding; its a linux platform we are using – chz Apr 6 '13 at 17:52

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