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I've connecting my laptop to a TV using an HDMI Adapter.

I am experiencing a audio feedback issue and hearing static and clicking while watching a movie.

OS is Vista, I have tried multiple HDMI cables with filter. Running a ViewSpan software that came with the HD/USB adapter. I was told that I may possibly need to set my audio for HDMI but cannot find where to change the settings.

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Are your cables shielded? It could be interference. Move your cable around and if the noise patterns change as you move the cable then it is interference.

Feedback is caused by a speaker to close to a microphone.

Mute any microphones on your laptop. For good measure you may want to mute all recording devices.

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I Muted Microphone, and yet i have issues. the static/clicking is utters when my laptop is doing something. for instances moving mouse, streaming etc.... – Zoroaster Apr 6 '13 at 18:30

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