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I have a ASUS P5B running Windows 8.

When I shut down Windows 8 and try to cold-boot Acronis from a CD, I cannot, even though the BIOS is set to boot from CD. Instead, Windows boots.

However, if I *restart Windows 8 with the CD in, Acronis boots fine.

Also, if I turn off Fast Start in Windows 8, I can boot from the CD all the time.

Is it possible to use Fast Start and still boot from CD?

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'Fast Start' (aka: Hybrid Shutdown, aka: Hybrid Boot) logs off all users and then hibernates the machine.

Waking from hibernation skips (doesn't use) the BIOS start-up boot sequence.

If you want to do a full shutdown at any point (without turning Hybrid Shutdown off), open a command line and run shutdown -s -t 0 to immediately shutdown the system, without using the hybrid shutdown.

More info here and here.

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