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I'm looking to enjoy the benefits of cloud services without the concern of other people owning my data. I also think it would make a fun project.

I aim to set up a Raspberry Pi (Model B 256MB) with appropriate image running wordpress, an nfs server, OwnCloud and I might, very occasionally, hope to SSH in and run a commandline BitTorrent client and possibly use vim or whatever too. Probably a gitosis server as well. Then I'll have it backup remotely to occasionally.

I already have my own domain name pointing to my wordpress blog. I'm slightly concerned however that my site will go down if I get too many hits. Here's my result: results

And here's my wordpress stats:

Wordpress Stats

Please assume all 7k hits are in the space of a 24 hour period and the average page size is 500Kb... do you think the Pi, model B (256MB Ram), will be able to cope please?

I understand it's a subjective question, other users in the house, general web browsing, page size, number of images etc all impact the upload speed. However you should be able to answer this question:

Will it:

A) 7k results over a day for the Pi will be able to cope if there aren't too many images and the network traffic is otherwise low. Other people have done this with similar connection types easily.

B) It definitely can't handle it, no chance. No one else can do this. It's highly unlikely.

C) It's too difficult to say. You'd need aggressive optimisation, wired Ethernet from the router, all manor of hacks?

If in doubt, choose C... I know this could be a subjective question so I'm trying to make it fit the StackExchange style by saying that "it's subjective" is one, on its own, acceptable answer.

Bonus question: What if I drop wordpress, convert the text of my site to static HTML+CSS and run it on an nginix server?

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should be able to cope... – dashboard Apr 7 '13 at 0:50
Why even ask? If it works: w00t. If it doesn't: you've got a cool new toy for under $50. Just grab one and try it. – mcalex Apr 7 '13 at 1:44

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