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I had installed a few programs like UDK and Microsoft Visual Studio. Both acquired at least 20GB of space. After uninstalling these programs, the free space of Harddisk hasn't increased. What is going on , why the space hasn't been freed?

Kindly guide me. I am on Windows 7

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Try Disk Cleanup and a restart. – Ankit Mishra Apr 8 '13 at 4:27

Your question is vague. But still I will take a go at it . When you install visual studio it comes with the core software and its dependencies . The core studio software only takes around 2 gb of the alloted space , while they rest is taken by the dependencies(libraries and framework) and not to forget the updates .

Solution :

  1. One solution is to use softwares like revo uninstaller to uninstall the software and the dependencies.

  2. use this link to manually remove all the dependencies . here. follow the steps which are given and you will remove all of them .

tip: if you still are not seeing free space , possible reason is that your disk is highly fragmented.Please use a defragmenters

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