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I'm experiencing a big, bad bug only with Google Chrome. I have all the Helvetica fonts installed on my Windows 7 computer. (Helvetica, Helvetica Neue, Helvetica Neue LT, and so on.. it's like more than 50 different styles of Helvetica).

However, when I visit a web page using Helvetica Neue, my fonts get mad, as the following screenshot shows: chrome screenshot

This is instead what I can see with Firefox, the font is much cleaner: firefox screenshot

I tried uninstalling all of the fonts named Helvetica-something, even using Unlocker because the system wouldn't let me delete them, then reinstalled them all. Nothing absolutely changed on Chrome.

Any help in order to resolve this problem?

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Did you reboot after re-installing the fonts? Usually you'd want to uninstall them in safe mode if they're in use. – Oliver Salzburg Apr 8 '13 at 15:09
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Scott Hanselman has written that installing Helvetica Neue Fonts with Google Chrome on Windows considered harmful:

However, Helvetica is super common font that is mentioned in Stylesheets - often explicitly when CSS is designed on a Mac - and Arial on Windows usually steps in as the replacement on Windows.

The Helvetica Neue font that I installed for my presentation is very poorly hinted (if at all) at small sizes like the one's being used. It's just not a Web Font, and while it's great for the giant sizes I needed for my talk, it's lousy for the web.

Both IE and Chrome were picking up that my system had a Helvetica available on the system and used it instead. The Stylesheet said "hey, gimme Helvetica" and the browser said "Cool, here's one."

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