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I'm using a script to eject a small USB key I use as a “identity” drive, which contains some secure information. Of note, it has an OS X “keychain” file on it, which contains some of my more secure and important passwords (those I'm willing to commit to a password-management program at all, but which are too important to leave sitting on my computers or have synced to Dropbox.)

That Keychain file is symlinked from Apple's ~/Library/Keychains/ folder to this key of mine, let's say, /Volumes/Key/SECURE.keychain. When I eject the disk, this symlink disappears, and the keychain obviously ceases to be accessible within Keychain Access:

missing keychain icon

This is all well-and-good … except I cannot eject this disk, without quitting half of the programs on my Mac. For no good reason that I can tell, any application that accesses any Keychain for any reason, opens (and retains-as-open) every single .keychain file the system knows about. For example, as soon as I plug the disk in, when nothing at all has requested access to this secondary, secure, keychain of mine:

> lsof '/Volumes/Key/SECURE.keychain'
Spotify   2801 elliottcable  txt    REG    1,8    89096  319 /Volumes/Key/SECURE.keychain
syncdefau 4267 elliottcable  txt    REG    1,8    89096  319 /Volumes/Key/SECURE.keychain

How can I safely eject this drive, without killing every process that has that file open? Can I somehow eject the file from the processes, remotely, or something of that nature?

(Related: Here's my current, unacceptable, approach:

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Only unlocked keychains will prevent you from unmounting the volume they're stored on. If you lock the keychain, you'll be able to unmount without any problems.

To do this from a shell (script), use the command line tool security:

security lock-keychain /Volumes/Key/SECURE.keychain

This will lock the keychain and allow you to unmount the volume (as long as Keychain Access isn't running).

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I don't know why those apps retain the keychain, but you should try to force the ejection of the USB key using:

diskutil unmountDisk force /Volumes/Key

Without any problem (as long as those application shouldn't use that file in any way).

P.S.: If you deserve from re-linking the keychain each time, you may want to add the path of the keychain to

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