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I keep getting this message on start up: "The procedure entry point StiCreateInstanceA could not be located in the dynamic link library STI.dll" (only on one of my user accounts on my computer). That user account had a trojan virus (which I managed to get rid of with my scan/internet security) but since removing it, I've had this error message on start up (after I log in) A second trojan was removed too, and after a thorough scan (using power eraser) 2 suspected bad files were removed, but it still shows up. I read that the "STI.dll" was the virus file (so I shouldn't restore it) and that "wpbt0.dll" might be missing?

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It may not have been the virus, as that method appears valid. On Windows 2008 (the server version of Vista basically) you can install the Desktop Experience package, which gives you Aero and some other nice GUI / Vista effects and that installs the STI.dll. Perhaps your virus took it out, or over rote the file with a bad copy. I would try to copy it off of your Vista disk and see if it corrects the issue.

wpbt0.dll appears to me to be a Trojan downloader. You might still have something... Try another AV software, MBAM, Microsoft Security Essentials are both good choices.

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Thanks! I scanned again and also searched for wpbt0.dll and nothing turned up. But the problem with the the STI.dll is that I don't have a Vista disc (everything came pre-loaded). Do you know where I could download it? – Jaelin Apr 11 '13 at 2:45
try downloading Recuva and see if it will recover sti.dll from C:\Windows\System32 – AthomSfere Apr 11 '13 at 14:12

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