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Please tell me how I can create a shortcut for grouping objects? If there is already one, I can't figure it out.

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This article describes how to create custom shortcuts in Word 2013

EDIT: So I went looking for the group shortcut. If you go to "File >> Options >> Customize Ribbon" and click "Customize" next to "Keyboard Shortcuts", you will get a menu for all possible options you can assign keyboard shortcuts to. Under the category "All Commands", you will find the command "DrawGroup". (Note that when I assign a keyboard shortcut to this command, I can't get it to work, but I guess it might depend on what objects you are trying to group, so you could try to test it out or go through the list and see if I missed some other grouping command.)

I also went into PowerPoint to check which command Ctrl + G was assigned to, but as a rather weird limitation, it is not possible to customize the keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint.

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Link-only answers are frowned upon. Also that's the general way to go about it but can you provide more details, such as is it even possible to assign a shortcut for grouping objects, and if so which command should be selected? – Karan Apr 9 '13 at 17:13
Wasn't CTRL+G used to be the built-in shortcut for grouping objects? I just tried in Word 2010 but it's not working now. – Adam Apr 10 '13 at 1:48
Ok, sry about that, i updated my answer to be more detaield. Ctrl + G only works in poweropint i believe. – cheflo Apr 13 '13 at 18:08

It's a bit more cumbersome than a shortcut, but I just memorized the context menu keyboard commands for group, ungroup, and regroup.

  • Right-click, G, G for group
  • Right-click, G, U for ungroup
  • Right-click, G, O for regroup

If your keyboard has the context menu key, you can use it instead of right-clicking:

context key

If not, Shift-F10 will also work.

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