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I would like to buy razer blackwidow or corsair vengeance k90 keyboard for mac, because of the macro keys.

Has anyone tried using them on Mac OSX? Does any of the aforementioned keyboards work?

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Perhaps you should navigate to the respective spec pages and see the supported OS's. If they're listed there, there should be support for the majority of the functions. –  nerdwaller Apr 9 '13 at 4:24
The first result when googling for 'razer black widow on os x' or 'corsair vengeance k90 on os x' takes you to a page where the tech specs are clearly identified.... –  cpt_fink Apr 9 '13 at 4:35
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All PC keyboards generally work with Macs. Razer's Synapse has a Mac version but Corsair's customization software currently doesn't:

Finally, the K90 includes a collection of 18 macro buttons, with a toggle switch allowing for each button to have 3 macros bound to it for 54 macros in total. These buttons require the Corsair software in order to program, however once set these buttons remember the macros assigned to them and can be used on any computer without the software. Given the lack of Mac software, this means the macros can be configured on a Windows PC and used on a Mac.

The PC and Mac versions of many keyboard layouts (but not the US layout) have some special characters in different positions. If you're for example getting a UK layout, you'll have to remember that shift-2 inserts @ even though the label is ", or switch to the British - PC layout in System Preferences. (Or get a keyboard with blank labels.)

The special F-keys (like volume up and down) don't work with all keyboards, but you can add them with KeyRemap4MacBook. You can also use it to reassign keys like num lock and print screen.

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