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I have a bunch of .txt files, sorted in different folders. I need to convert all of .txt files to .doc files.

I have Googled the issue and found that I could just change the extension to .doc. But this doesn't seem to work, as Word still wants to convert the file when i open it. And no matter which option i use to convert (Text only, Unicode text, etc.) the file doesn't convert special characters, such as –, æ, ø, å (which is common in my language :) ).

I have tried to choose Unicode text and choose Encoding such as "Western (Mac OS Roman)" or "Western (Windows Latin 1)" but none of these convert the special characters properly.

So - I found out, that at simple copy / paste from .txt to .doc works.. but with 100's af files, this would be a tedious manual work.

My question therefore: Is there any way this can be automated?

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cd ~/Documents/folder; textutil -convert doc *.txt

Or if the files are in different folders:

find ~/Documents/folder -name \*.txt -exec textutil -convert doc {} \+
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It may also be necessary to also specify the encoding of the text files as described in the textutil man page. – martineau Apr 9 '13 at 8:37
Wow - that did it! Thank you very much! :) Can you explain what this does different than the manual renaming? – Crave Apr 9 '13 at 8:53
Doc is a binary format (try cat file.doc) so just renaming .txt to .doc shouldn't work. @martineau I have needed -inputencoding UTF-8 when the input was from STDIN, but this seemed to work without it at least for UTF-8 files without a BOM (even with LC_ALL=C). – user495470 Apr 9 '13 at 12:46

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