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I have a file (a .chm file) that I need to email. It is 200 MB in size. My email client will not allow attachments that big.

I need a tool that will break it up into 50 MB files and then put it back together on the other side.

I tried 7-zip but it can only do 1.4 MB and 650 MB. (also the file will not compress via 7-zip's ultimate compression algorithms.)

Any other ideas?

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Just remember, a lot of e-mail server won't support anything over 10MB, you may need to go smaller than 50 – Chris Thompson Oct 20 '09 at 23:37
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You can use 7-zip, it may look a bit confusing but this drop down box can actually be edited with a custom value as well:

(Depending on the email application's implementation, 50 megabytes could be 50000000 bytes, 51200000 bytes or even 52428800 bytes. I'd use 50000000 to be safe as it's the lowest possibility.)

alt text

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Look at 7zip again. If using the GUI that "split to volumes, bytes:" field is a combo-box. Yes, you can select the canned options of 1.44 and 650, but you can also just type in your own value as well.

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Just to provide another answer, (the one's above are correct and good) WinRAR will also do it. You can get it from

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