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I have a MacBook Pro late 2008, 120 GB SSD & 250 GB instead of the CD-Drive. Now there's Mac OSX on both, but I want to install Linux Ubuntu on the HDD. Now there is the problem: "What Bootloader, etc. do I have to use, that also OSX is able to boot again?"

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First, a thing one needs to understand before doing this:

The Mac platform is unique in that all boot processes occur using EFI in conjunction with GPT. For this reason, it's a platform where GRUB is not installed to the MBR--because the Mac doesn't use MBR! Apple was ahead of the curve by using EFI and GPT, at the expense of compatibility with many operating systems using the legacy (but easier) bootloading methods.


Now that you understand why Macs are different from most other platforms in this regard (and why it might be slightly more difficult to achieve multi-boot because of this), you can follow the steps over here to achieve "Dual Boot". The steps you will follow are:

  1. Installing rEFIt
  2. Using Bootcamp or Disk Utility to create a partition at the end of the disc
  3. Booting from the Ubuntu CD and installing the system
  4. Having rEFIt re-sync your partitions
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thank you, i totally forgot that post, i'm running on ubuntu now ;D – MIC Jun 26 '13 at 14:36

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